All I'm About

by Jermaine Riley

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A refix of Kendrick Lamar's "Sing About Me"; Riley delivers a warm tale of long term goals and settling down with the one... DOWNLOAD IT NOW FOR FREE!

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VERSE 1: Sometimes we argue about life because / You work a job and I'm so self-sufficient / I got a vision, I'm self employed / Running toward my dream and I want you to see / Things are changing, now I'm at a stage where / I can pay my way and I'ma slave away / So you can have the things you dream of / And you can stay in love with me

CHORUS: A house and a dog is what we got / Worldwide success and a car to drive you all around / That's all I'm about / A house with a mantel with awards on it / Put the kids in the car, I'll drive you all around / That's all I'm about

VERSE 2: Sometimes you question if I'll do the things / You need your man to do eventually / Eventually you're gonna see my mission come into fruition / Wait and see / Things are changing, now we're at a stage where we're looking for places / Just had to be patient / So I could give you all the things you dream of / And you can stay in love with me

CHORUS (x 3)


released December 25, 2012
Written & Arranged/All vocals performed by: Jermaine Riley
Produced by: Like of Pac Div
Artwork/Mixed/Engineered by: Jermaine Riley [vector family drawings courtesy of]
Additional Mixing: Truth




Jermaine Riley London, UK

WIth 3 mixtapes and an album under his belt, the ever creative self-proclaimed R&B Superman; Jermaine Riley returns with his highly-anticipated 5th solo project; The Cape Tape: Lost Sessions!

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